Sunday, July 10, 2011

Stuffed Peppers

It's been a long time since I've posted a new recipe...a really long time. I've been re-cooking many of the favorites I've already shared (we are serious creatures of habit), but honestly we've also been eating out a lot too. Blame it on a day job with some long hours - and you'd think I'd be taking advantage of having a hot meal ready for me at the end of the day, but instead I just can't even get myself to menu plan and grocery shop on a regular basis.

But...I was inspired by my friend Kim who recently cooked stuffed peppers and they sounded so yummy! This is a variation of her recipe - and this would normally go against my I-shouldn't-have-to-precook-to-cook-in-the-crockpot, but it really instead was a desire to avoid turning on my Houston...where it's sweltering hot...and my A/C already runs round the clock. And I have to say, I am learning to appreciate my crockpot on a whole new level when it allows me to "bake" without turning on the oven. 

So here's the recipe...

Thursday, March 17, 2011


It has been far too long since I've shared a recipe. I'm so sorry! Life has It doesn't mean I haven't been cooking in the crock pot though! I've tried some new recipes, remade plenty of favorites, and really want to focus on sharing those with you. I've tried to stay in touch a bit through the Crock Pot Virgin Facebook page too. 

And I'm so out of practice with blogging, that I didn't even take pictures of my most recent crock pot meal, but I enjoyed it so much I wanted to share it anyway. (I'll try and update this post in the future with pictures when I make it again.) This is a slight variation of the recipe on page 222 of Stephanie O'Dea's  More Make It Fast, Cook It Slow: 200 Brand-New, Budget-Friendly, Slow-Cooker Recipes (great cookbook by the way!).

If you've never had Mulligatawny, you're in for a surprising treat! It's a soup (in case you didn't know) and my hubby and I were first introduced to it at one of our favorite restaurants in Lake Oswego, OR (near Portland), Gubanc's Pub and Restaurant. This was one of the soup specials in the rotation and we always kept an eye out for it so we could eat this yumminess!